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RFQ Input

For sales office

Get the industrial requests directly from other manufacturers and retailers

RFQ Output

For purchase office

Spend your time just to choose the best solution, industrial products and services we search for you!

Digital profile

For marketing office

Create a profile and the digital catalog of your company. Promote your productive and technological capabilities.

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Our mission

We believe we can improve the pattern of interaction between companies through the development of an industrial aggregation platform, thus creating a large international digital factory where worldwide businesses can quickly communicate with each other, without limitation, saving time and optimizing costs.



IC Monitoring

For production management

Monitor your enterprise. Hold up the performance of your production facilities.

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IC Accounting

For management

Keep industrial full costs of your orders / processes under control. Industrial accounting system to support your management.

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IC Web

For marketing office

A 360° digital promotion of your company. Our web and digital marketing experts will be at your disposal.

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Industrial RFQ

Every day industrial company spends time searching for equipment, products or services which the company needs.

Industrial RFQ (Request For Quotation) is a tool to optimize the process of searching for possible suppliers.

Purchasing office of your company only needs to create a request for quotation and describe the desired product or service, everything else will make the algorithm.

You can only choose the most appropriate solution, and the time saved you can invest better in your core business.

Industrial RFQ is also available for iPhone.

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To modernize our machinery we spent one year, decades to modernize the management mentality. In future a plaform like Industrial Cloud is required to product what we sell and to sell what we product.
Claudio Andenna - Commercial director, E.Sassone
Sisto Ferretti
Commercial director, Esagono Energia
Big companies try to outsource production to lower costs, small and medium companies also follow this trend. A platform that connect everyone is essential.
Marco Lauro
Something new for companies was necessary!
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