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SDT Italy S.r.l. founded in 1989, provides industry and industrial plant, the effective solution for non-destructive testing in production plants and materials.
Provide tools for predictive maintenance and for checking the airtightness are our specialties.
We are the Italian branch of SDT International, European leader in the field of non-destructive ultrasound technology, and also we can for thickness measurement, analysis tools for TOFD, ¬ NE Phased Array, industrial Endoscopy, and thermography. The Italian company located in Agrate Brianza (MB) is purely commercial, including technical assistance and training.
The staff is composed of three area managers, directors and 7 agenti\distributori.
The parent company supports us technically, visiting us regularly, as we are responsible for the Italian market and Switzerland (Canton Ticino)

SDT ultrasonic detectors (FlexUs, 200, 270)

The SDT Detector is a Portable Ultrasonic detector, which quickly and preci ¬ tion locate leaks of gaseous media, mechanical and electrical losses, revolutionising Diagnostics relating to controls and the certification of quality, testing and preventative maintenance-industrial sectors more than Predictive-fired:
Tyre: research and localization of leaks of gaseous in circuits under pressure or vacuum (vacuum, compressed air, gas, steam, etc.)
Mechanical: mechanical malfunction, friction, vibration, scar ¬ sa or anything bearing lubrication, games, seizures, wear, bearings, ingra ¬ naggi, etc. (from mechanics slow than faster).
PLUMBER: leaks, leaks, pipes, tanks, valves, etc.

ELECTRIC FIELD: electric and magnetic Disturbances (on boards, relais, insulators, transformers, etc.)

Feeler gauges, Phased Array and TOFD

A new generation of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment ul ¬ trasuoni (for spessimetrici controls, finding cracks and defects on metals and non) even with Phased Array and TOFD/o. A modular design and configurable features as needed. These new equipment, spearheads technology SIUI, above-average performance in one compact unit, light, easily transportable and usable even with high autonomy of internal batteries.
A wide range of Phased Array Probes, encoder, TOFD transducers, crowler for all forms and application allows these devices to make quickly, accurately and efficiently effet ¬ scans of any kind and on any surface.

Endoscopy enters factory

SDT Italy for more than a year has started importing and distributing nationwide industrial endoscopy equipment (vision systems for hidden points) produced in Japan.
This is robust devices, from good performance and price count ¬ nuto. The range includes tools with a diameter of 2.8, 3.9 and 6.9 mm and lengths between 1.5 and 5 metres, ¬ ze with several versions distinguished by the presence or absence of advanced processing and Imaging.
In the range, there are also a tool 10 mm in diameter and length up to 30 m profit ¬ lun. This equipment without the functions of an ¬ distal and Coulter, can find different applications.

Thermal imaging cameras

Our cameras are discrete control systems, ultra compact and light with battery included. Great observation results under any weather and at any time of day.
LV Series models, as well as V-series models feature a digital camera for taking images in real time, external flash and DuoVision function for displaying actual images and overlapping IR.

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