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Coating with zinc or manganese based on reinforcing bars during the, is a fundamental process for the production of pipes for the Oil & Gas. Threaded ends, PIN or BOX, must be prepared to receive the coating using the following steps: Degreasing: removal of
-oils – superficial FAT;: washing and Rinsing
-removal of excessive degreasing solution previously used;
-Activation: surface preparation upon receipt of phosphate coating (vital manganese);
after phosphating process the tube end must be further treated by the following steps :
-Rinsing: removal of excess solution reinforcing bars during
-passivation: fixing and protection of phosphate coating drying protection
-coating against corrosion (oxide) as a result of the presence of an aqueous solution on the surface;
INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES, thanks to the experience gained over the years, designs, manufactures and installs bathtubs and phosphating plant, both for the coating process with salts of zinc with manganese salts. In particular we can provide:-phosphating Systems
submersion phosphating systems
spray; process Stations
-/post phosphating in manual or automatic decanting Systems
-and filtration phosphatising sludges; heating systems
-thermal oil circulating and on site; and aspiration systems
gaseous effluent treatment; tube handling systems
; all phosphating
are designed and manufactured according to the performance and dimensional needs reviews.
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