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Dear Sirs,

We have taken the liberty of contacting your consular office, to bring our company to Your kind attention. T.c.a. international S.r.l. is involved in design and manufacturing of moulds for any refractory brick of any shape and quality. We have been dealing with moulds for Refractories for approx. 50 years, supplying more or less all the biggest companies around the world.

We have been exporting our high tech moulds for any ref bricks to Your geographic area since 1976, ….
We would be delighted to offer our expertise to you and be at your complete service, to build a partnership supplying mothersmoulds, metalceramic end liners & side liners, internal steel components, including the item at the top of the press finishing to the btm of the press (plungers, dies, plates etc.).

Enclosed please find our company presentation. We trust it will be of interest to you.

Warmest regards,
Roberto Bisio
Managing Director

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Via Marconi 33 10070 Mappano Italy (production)
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