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STAF s.r.l. was born 40 years ago in the province of Turin, in the lodge.
The ns. activity is purely based on the prototype and final block mould, we take care also of sheet metal stamping parts for small series. We further developed and provided the prototype machining steel and aluminium typos.
The ns. latest developments are targeted specifically at the service of car modeling style: complete with style, on a smaller scale or 1:1, master of Interior and exterior, Interior and exterior style templates, master of ergonomics, etc ..., the construction of the frame to complete milling.
We make special prototypes in aluminum, carbon and plexiglass for clusters and aesthetical details in General, with polishing.
In relation to the specific needs of our. customers, given the wide array of processes, we offer building models in epowood, ureol, polyurethane resins, even in combination, silicone, metal powder and sintered.

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VIA CUNEO,11 10040 LA LOGGIA Italy (production)
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