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SPM Srl is the Italian subsidiary of the Swedish company SPM Instrument AB which has subsidiaries and associates in more than 60 countries around the world.

The history of SPM began in the 60 's when, A.P. Møller, Danish shipowner, noted that the charge pumps of its tankers were stranded too frequently and without any warning. An inventor and a financial entrepreneur decided to do something. Eivind Søhoel, he invented and patented the Shock Pulse method that identifies weak shock signals from bearings with rotating elements.
In 1970 comes the SPM that after only a couple of years, develops the first rules for the evaluation of measuring signals that Søhoel had failed to isolate.

SPM Italy was founded in 1996, is headquartered in Fabriano (AN) and covers, through agents and partners throughout the country with Condition Monitoring tools and services distribution and energy efficiency (SSE).
SPM offers a wide range of services and high-tech instrumentation, monitoring systems off-line and on-line and a complete software, making it possible to deal with the maintenance with an active approach and especially geared to reducing energy consumption, working so that the culture of consumption reduction integrates Company under normal maintenance activities.
Our instrumentation detect abnormalities in time to allow a scheduled maintenance or repairs, improving the energy efficiency of installations and with little or no interruption of the production process.
SPM Italy, in 2009 requested voluntarily and certified Rina as "Service Supplier of Condition Based Maintenance of Machinery Systems" SPM Italy in 2013 has requested and obtained accreditation as SSE (Society for energy services, or E.S.CO.) at the GSE.
From 18 July 2016 SPM Italy has obtained the UNI CEI 11352-2014

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