Transport robot with a capacity up to 50 kg

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Transport robot with a capacity up to 50 kg, Console type, designed to complete podvesočnyh electroplating lines. Transport robot can be used in lines with depth not more than 1100 mm and of a length not exceeding 1300 mm. specs.
  1. dimensions:-length-700 mm-width without console and remote manual control rods-430 mm-height 1600 mm.
  2. own Weight-not more than 150 kg
  3. load capacity 50 kg
  4. vertical stroke console-1140 mm.
  5. vertical movement Speed console-200 mm/sec
  6. Speed horizontal movement-600 mm/sec
  7. positioning accuracy-± 5 mm.
  8. number of concurrent suspensions-up to 7 PC.
  9. number of programmable technology-up to 15;
  10. number of programmable washing modes-to 7.
power consumption
  1. power supply-0.4 kW
  2. supply voltage-380 v, 50 Hz, 3 phases.
Installation requirements
  1. Connecting cable 10h1, flat 5.
  1. Profile navigation paths-smooth rake 40 x 40 (mm)
conditions of implementation
  1. transport robot requires adaptation to existing navigation routes or manufacturing of new
  2. .
  3. commissioning are carried out only by specialists of «RobotÈk.
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