The onboard controller is the base element of the control system

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SRGL-m carries out the operation of the line as polnodostupnoj queueing system. Provides continuous stream mode multiprocessing lines by combining single-threaded processing nondeterministic set details of various technological processes (without prior planning of loading lines in the dynamics of their receipt). SRGL-m provides the following control parameters:-number of technological processes implemented in the line-up to 15; -the number of suspensions (drums), simultaneously processed in the zone of each transport robot up to 7; -number of bathrooms, serviced by a transport robot up to 31. Benefits and features: 1. the work of the multiprocessing lines without a hard rhythm. 2. the possibility of calculating minimum required system configuration. 3. programming management system is available; availability of correction in the course of work. 4. Reliability and noise immunity work lines due to:-the integration of command and control functions to a robot; -lack of cable connections in line; -sealing of all units of the system; -vitality robotic line, through the lock razladivšihsâ technological operation. 5. Subsequent models of robotic systems, while maintaining the principles of construction, enhanced features and control options.
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SRGL system-m without requiring costly provides effective automation of galvanic production, including small-scale, by creatin
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