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MFS-Modular Flexible Systems

Industrial machines and equipment > Surface treatment > Washing machines: immersion, spray Industrial machines and equipment > Surface treatment > Washing machines: immersion, spray
MFS-Flexible modular systems
two or more machines in line form a system

· Wash, rinse. drying, protection and other
· Maximum flexibility for diverse productions
· Ideal for MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul)
· Use with liquids other also not compatible with each other
· Integration between spraying, immersion, ultrasonic, flush
· Ability to integrate diverse processes
· Automatic control of the functions
· Wide range of auxiliary equipment

MFS are based on
· AGI-Dip ®
· AGI-Dip ® Ecomatic
· Roto-Cab ®
· Mobil-Jet ®
· Dunk for large
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Degreasing, decarbonizing, derusting, passivation, phosphating, rinsing, drying, alodizzazione, security, quality control.
Sgrassaggio,lavaggio,decarbonizzazione, passivazione,disossidazione,risciacquo,passivazione,protezione,fosfatazione,flussaggio,CND, liquidi penetranti
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Industrial machines and equipment Surface treatment

operating principle is based on a tank containing liquid and a pneumatic system for lifting, lowering and alternate vertical movement of the platform within the liquid. The system greatly reduces the washing time and increases its effectiveness without affecting the duration of liquid and without increasing evaporation.

AGI-DIP washers can be configured for use with aqueous or hydrocarbons, classified type A1 of EN
12921.3 that do not generate vapors.

by a machine to a system
starting from the basic configuration, AGI-DIP ® has evolved into a system with wide range of models, configurations, automatic lines, all have the same principle of operation, simple construction and high-performance
the system AGI-DIP ® is based on modularity to achieve Flexible modular systems with functional processes, even with drying, for all applications: from precision up to washing interprocess

AGI-DIP ® Ecomatic washers
represent the natural evolution of the basic models. Maintain the characteristics but are designed as compact modules with frontal loading for use online or as single units. All functions are automatic and the operator only needs to transfer the basket from one unit to another effortlessly.

The AGI-DIP ® Hyper represent the most advanced in the immersion cleaning with or without ultrasound. Exceeds the typical limits of immersion cleaning and enhances performance. The process is completely automatic, controlled by PLC.

automated MULTI- lines
DIP ® maximize flexibility and productivity of the system and the benefits speak for themselves: unlimited number of stages and production capacity of a basket every 70 seconds.

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