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Carosel-washing machines for precision cleaning in production cells

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CAROSEL washers ® are specifically designed for the washing of single parts in the automotive and aeronautical production cells. The parties, properly placed, they are washed, rinse and dry both in motion than in the Park.
positioning ensures accurate blind holes flushing and critical areas, but also possibly assisted by loading and unloading robots, while the external surfaces are best cleaned in transit. The machines CAROSEL are type a "turntable" to "chain" and "pallets" to answer all
The CAROSEL 100 Rotary table are characterized by compactness and small size, do not require external links and can be easily handled. Configurable for
wash, rinse, or drying.
The series 200, 300 and 400 CAROSEL ® chain or palletized offer maximum flexibility for multi-stage processes and can take configurations for a wide range of applications and nature of cubies. They are ideal for robot-assisted or fully automatic cells from simple "pick & place" pneumatic systems for automatic loading and unloading.
all machines CAROSEL are controlled by PLC with HMI (HMI) resolution color touchscreen and
Ethernet connection.
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ISO 16232 Road vehicles – Cleanliness of components of fluid circuits ISO 16232-8 Particle nature determination by microscopic analysis ISO 16232-9 Particle sizing and counting by automatic light extinction particle counter ISO 16232-10 Expression of results
Positioned washing of mechanical parts in production cells
Carosel, carosello, celle di produzione, ISO 16232,lavaggio di precisione,Lavaggio posizionato, lavatrici industriale,lavatrici robotizzate,lavatrici automatiche
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Industrial machines and equipment Surface treatment

· Wash, rinse. drying, protection and other
· Maximum flexibility for diverse productions
· Ideal for MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul)
· Use with liquids other also not compatible with each other
· Integration between spraying, immersion, ultrasonic, flush
· Ability to integrate diverse processes
· Automatic control of the functions
· Wide range of auxiliary equipment

MFS are based on
· AGI-Dip ®
· AGI-Dip ® Ecomatic
· Roto-Cab ®
· Mobil-Jet ®
· Dunk for large
  • Linear tunnel washer
                                    compactness, flexibility, productivity
    LINEAR tunnels are designed for continuous washing with water base detergents and are typical for mono and multistage processes with high yields. They are normally used in the production lines of the automotive industry, but the extreme flexibility allows use even for limited productions and for bulk. The operating principle is based on the passage of materials through the jets with variable speed as needed. The system offers many possibilities of movement: continuous or step-by-step, with materials placed or in bulk, and is suitable for washing of single pieces on pallets or in baskets. The materials pass through or stop at the jets, for blind holes and critical zones according to requirements.

    Linear tunnels PASSAPONTI are used both for cleaning drying and protection, that end interprocess and are configured according to the customer's specific requirements. The use of specific techniques such as the "air knife" for drying by removing the liquid, filtering accuracy and disoliazione MICRONET and OILNET, low-energy vacuum cleaner systems and others have created new generation machines characterized by flexibility, low power consumption and low noise level. The experience gained in automotive production allows for extremely small tunnel, designed to fit in the production lines with saving production surface without losing effectiveness, efficiency and productivity features in the slightest. The control by PLC and the operator interface enable monitoring of the process and the

  • Roto-CAB WRD spray washing machine with rotating platform for washing-rinsing-drying
    ROTO-CAB ® with front loading washers are designed for the spray cleaning with water base detergents of small and medium-sized mechanical parts placed on a rotating platform. They are used in production processes of mechanical, beside the machine tool, but also to remove contaminants such as oil, grease and sludge layered in maintenance of aeronautical and terrestrial transport.
    the cleaning cycle is automatic, controlled by timer with vapour extraction at the end of the cycle. The work platform is driven by a gear motor outside the machine with rotating without stress and without stress. It is extracted at the end of the cycle through the front door with ease of loading. VDT models feature pneumatically-actuated overhead door and outdoor deck load. The pneumatic system is intrinsically safe under all conditions.
    ROTO-CAB ® models
    WRD are designed for automatic processes of wash-rinse followed, if necessary from drying. These machines are used where it is required a high and constant level of cleanliness with maintenance of the process. Drying is obtained by hot air followed by fresh air for energy savings. ROTO-CAB ® WR spray tanks and systems provide independent, specifically designed to prevent the mixing of process liquids. The automatic cycle is controlled by a PLC with HMI (HMI) with high resolution color touch screen and software with processing programs, AutoFill and monitoring the process heating programmer with warnings and alarms. 
    ROTO-CAB ® are part of SMF Flexible modular systems with possibility to combine immersion and spray for high-performance applications such as washing of aircraft components and engines or other parts of sports cars of F1.
  • Roto-JET spraying washing machines top loading
    ROTO-JET ® washers are designed for the spray cleaning using water base detergents of small to medium sized parts loaded on a rotating platform. They are used in mechanical industry production cells with the machine tool, but also for maintenance and revision for removing oil, grease and mud.
    original and ergonomic design, combined with features of maximum robustness, reliability and ease of use make ROTO-JET ® different from other similar machines for
    functional principle.
    a few of the many peculiarities of these washing machines are made by mechanical rotation of the platform without chains or gears, double filtration, for loading and unloading very easy and more.
    The spraying system, fully removable, comes with bayonet and flat spray nozzles calibrated.
    ROTO-JET ® are equipped with electric heating with thermostatic temperature control for energy saving and thermal insulation, while the wash cycle is timed. Sturdy construction, high quality components and attention to every detail make ROTO-JET ® suitable for operating on three shifts.
    ROTO-JET ® are made in three standard sizes and three different configurations to meet all needs.
  • AGI-DIP immersion agitation washers
    AGI-DIP ® simple answers to complex problems
    AGI-DIP ® washers
    constitute the most rational solution for problems of immersion process is required when cleaning with agitation. Produced with or without heating, are employed both in production and MRO (Maintenance Repair overhaul) for degreasing, derusting, passivation, phosphating, decarbonisation, protection, stripping and more. 
  • The

    operating principle is based on a tank containing liquid and a pneumatic system for lifting, lowering and alternate vertical movement of the platform within the liquid. The system greatly reduces the washing time and increases its effectiveness without affecting the duration of liquid and without increasing evaporation.

    AGI-DIP washers can be configured for use with aqueous or hydrocarbons, classified type A1 of EN
    12921.3 that do not generate vapors.

    by a machine to a system
    starting from the basic configuration, AGI-DIP ® has evolved into a system with wide range of models, configurations, automatic lines, all have the same principle of operation, simple construction and high-performance
    the system AGI-DIP ® is based on modularity to achieve Flexible modular systems with functional processes, even with drying, for all applications: from precision up to washing interprocess

    AGI-DIP ® Ecomatic washers
    represent the natural evolution of the basic models. Maintain the characteristics but are designed as compact modules with frontal loading for use online or as single units. All functions are automatic and the operator only needs to transfer the basket from one unit to another effortlessly.

    The AGI-DIP ® Hyper represent the most advanced in the immersion cleaning with or without ultrasound. Exceeds the typical limits of immersion cleaning and enhances performance. The process is completely automatic, controlled by PLC.

    automated MULTI- lines
    DIP ® maximize flexibility and productivity of the system and the benefits speak for themselves: unlimited number of stages and production capacity of a basket every 70 seconds.

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