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ARES manipulators are characterised by a very compact design and ergonomic. Are customizable and can be fitted with buttons, toggle switches, rotary switches and potentiometers, according to customer demand. Af C allows to operate in full safety thanks to an excellent grip combined with rational layout and clear and intuitive graphics. In addition, the manipulator is equipped with a sturdy belt clip. This transmitter can be combined with all receivers, both on-off and proportional outputs. The encoding of the radio signals and the 30 available transmission channels, exclude the possibility of interference with other equipment. Af C is built with highly-resistant material and is impervious to splashes of water, thanks to protection class IP65.

Start button: starts the use of radio control each interruption for security reasons, active or passive. The way it works is customizable according to your needs.

status Led: all transmitter units are equipped with led's to confirm the operating status, the battery charge gauge and
coded messages.
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Special applications-propelled trucks, forest industry, industrial applications
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