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ZEUS X is the answer to your needs the most extreme customization, where you need to combine the capabilities of the joystick axis for biaxial and trigger your application.
a very versatile product that can contain many other commands to compose an instrument panel ordered according to the best functioning logic.
Start button: this Command on each transmitter M550, kicks off the use of the remote control transmitter each interruption for security reasons, active or passive.
the way it works is customizable to suit your needs and give you the certainty of always start in the best way.
mono and bi-axial Optical Joystick
: Forget the significant maintenance costs of traditional joystick sliding contacts! Thanks to modern technology, machine readable biaxial joysticks designed and produced for the series M550 will ensure unmatched accuracy, able to give you a feeling of tactile control of objects handled which will continue throughout the life of your
the range of solutions allows to cover all your needs: joystick joystick stepless proportional to one or more step (up to 5)
for each axis.
arrest in Category 4: in order to Excel even in active and passive safety the transmitters M550 ensure the highest level of security, CATEGORY 4 (UNI EN 954-1), thanks to a design heavily based on the concepts of regular monitoring and redundancy processes.
the button to auto-restraint with manual reset is protected against accidental drops from ergonomic bumper but at the same time is easily accessible by allowing priority access management.
security key: forget the old metal keys subject to frequent breakage, rust, oxidation and jams.
the new radio controls M550 offers a magnetic contact security key that represents the meticulous attention to detail in the design of products
allows you to restrict the use of equipment only to authorized personnel and in case of accidental fall, if linked to the operator's belt, immediately switch off the transmitter estraendosi.
status Led: all transmitter units are equipped with led's to confirm the operating status, the battery charge gauge and
coded messages.
movement commands: the series M550 command offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet your every need (toggle switches to multiple locations, stable and astabili, buttons of various sizes, rotary switches and potentiometers) that are conveniently located on the Panel of the manipulators Zeus.
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Answers to your most extreme personalization needs, where you need to combine the capabilities of the joystick axis for biaxia
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