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“NIPOM” OJSC is a multi-business electrical engineering company offering complex solutions for electric power supply and automation
The Enterprise has all resources required to participate in a complete cycle of a Project implementation — from a facility investigation and design to putting it into operation and support service. In this case, there is no need to engage and coordinate various contractors that results in the Customer’s significant time cutting and cost saving.
“NIPOM” OJSC is being actively involved in construction and modernization of power facilities owned by the Russian industrial standard-bearers: Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, Rosatom, Rossetti, etc. Due to its competence in various branches of industry “NIPOM” OJSC is capable to transfer developed and well proven technical solutions from one industrial sector to another.
Many years’ experience allows the Enterprise masterfully meet worldwide challenges and offer balanced cost effective technically perspective solutions. NIPOM integrates two industrial complexes: for manufacturing electrical facilities and for producing modular equipment.
Products undergo on the said sites the whole manufacturing process till their complete availability “NIPOM” OJSC produces electrical equipment for energy distribution and electric installations control, direct current systems and energy-saving equipment.
The Company is ready to offer a variety of equipment options arrangements with the use of electric components
manufactured by leading foreign and domestic companies, such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Eaton, etc.; in this way meeting individual customer requirements.
“NIPOM” OJSC products range is being dynamically developed thanks to the Company’s effective operation in two ways:
in-house production and licensed production of high technology world class products. The Company is Siemens’s licensee to
produce low and medium voltage equipment. “NIPOM” OJSC is being annually certified against state-of-the art quality
standards applicable in the world electrical engineering and is permanently operating in complience with reliability,
safety and energy saving requirements.
“NIPOM” OJSC full range of services and products provides a possibility to choose the most effective solutions
to decrease electric equipment operating costs, prevent accidents and enhance power supply reliability.
“NIPOM” OJSC is developing on the basis of implementation of innovative production methods combined with state of the art management engineering. The Company production system is based on integrated tools: Quality Management System
(QMS), Environmental Management System, innovation-driven growth, continuous improvement systems (KAIZEN-
management) and Project Management. This provides quality high level of products manufactured, significantly cuts time
and reduces costs of production as well as provides Customers with equipment reliability and timely putting any facility into
Reliable quality equipment and “NIPOM” OJSC specialists operational excellence make its Customers feel confident about the future and their business effective development Wand prosperity.

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