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Quality control is one of our strengths: we have, in fact, an index AQL (acceptable quality level). Our quality control is carried out by means of cutting edge technology and more dedicated stations. Our metrology lab is equipped with high-performance measurement instruments for optical and contact checks, which certify the quality of our products with maximum precision. Our current measuring instruments are: a PH-A14 profile projector Mitutoyo; an optical measuring machine Mitutoyo QS-250Z; a roughness Mitutoyo SJ-301; digital micrometers Mitutoyo micrometers to measure external diameters; a camera to measure inside diameters Bowers; mechanical digital optical Panasonic WV-CP 240 EX to highlight fast defects not visible to the naked eye. Apart from checking the onboard pieces made by our staff in the processing, two technicians are involved in an additional quality control. We have started the procedure to obtain the quality certification ISO9001.
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Qualità,Officine meccaniche di precisione
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