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LED systems are capable of producing light at a wavelength of photosynthesis resulting in significant energy savings for plant breeders.
designed for use in greenhouses, LED system emits light at specific wavelengths of photosynthesis to meet exactly the requirements of plants. The Elimination of redundant spectrum manufacturing results in energy savings without affecting plant growth.
"Tuning" the LED lights on the exact wavelength of photosynthesis of plants involved, the energy that usually would be used to create unnecessary wavelengths of light is spared. This system results in a 50 to 80% energy savings ranging from.

benefits of LED lamps and LED light fixtures for greenhouse and floriculture LED lighting:
-very low power consumption of energy: you can save up to 80% compared to a normal incandescent or fluorescent lamp and do not dissipate energy therefore almost all the energy emitted is absorbed by the plant

-high durability: from 8 to 15 years old, more than 50000 hours.

-instant on sodium vapour lamps: Unlike I reach maximum brightness only after about 4 minutes ...

-Little heat output: This avoids overheating, allowing you to position the LED panels for serra
near the plants.

-uniform coverage of the illuminated surfaces, thanks to the projection angle of the light.

-ability to experiment with different color combinations (proportions varying between red and blue lights and orange)

-better outcomes in the bloom and plant growth in greenhouse gases.

-reducing CO2 emissions.

-maintenance and operating cost reduction, practically no.
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Agricultural Greenhouses
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