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LED Tubes

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LED tubes are an excellent and efficient alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes. In the basement, garage, tavern or in the closet: LED tubes easily and securely replace the T8 fluorescent tubes for instruments with conventional power. 
thanks to modern LED technology, allow you to save up to 80% of energy. Replacing the fluorescent lamps with LEDS, efficiency and overall light output.

Led Fluorescent Tube 18W 60 cm 11W replace Traditional Neon
Led Fluorescent Tube 22W 90 cm 17W traditional Neon
120 cm 20W Led tube replace Tube 36W traditional Neon
Led Fluorescent Tube 58W 150 cm 24W
replace traditional Neon

the reasons for switching to LED lighting are many, here are a few:
50% to 80% energy saving, from
12000-15000 60000 hours Duration, compared to hours of
saving lamps
maintenance costs
heat emetono Not
higher luminous efficacy
No development
does not pollute and does not contain any hazardous substances
does not emit U.V. rays and harmful for the eyes when exposed I.R..
LED tubes in particular have some fundamental advantages in comparison to traditional fluoresciene pipe:

do not heat,
No sfafallano (annoying effect that often Neon create),
have a much longer life,
do not contain harmful gases,
No price provided
Parameter name Parameter values Unit of measure
Flusso Luminoso
From 1200 to 3200
x x
 x   x 
60 - 90 - 120 - 150
x x
 x   x 
From 11 to 24
x x
 x   x 
Temperatura della Luce (Colore della Luce)
From 3000 to 6000
x x
 x   x 
Tubi Led
Replacement Ceiling Lamps-Warehouse-Car Park-Offices
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