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MIC-Fi is a line of digital microscopes laptops with Wi-Fi transmission, entirely designed and developed by Leco Corporation, which offers the ultimate in versatility and portability. Each microscope generates its own Wi-Fi connection through which you connect to through special tablet/smartphone apps available on iOS, Android and Windows platform 10; the device is also suitable for PC with Wi-Fi and USB (Windows and MAC) by downloading the appropriate software. All applications allow the collection of pictures, videos, measurement and calibration. Discover the model that best suits your needs!

Mic-Fi is a line of versatile portable digital microscopes with Wi-Fi transmission. Every device can be connected to tablets or smartphones through a specific Mic-Fi App (iOS or Android) or through a Wi-Fi/USB connection to computers and laptops (Windows or Mac). Using Mic-Fi dedicated softwares you can take pictures, make videos and measurement. This is the new way to observe the micro-world!
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