The Company LLC "G.P. EVOLUTION" was founded in Moscow (Russia), in 2010 from Giancarlo Perinotto, current Director, thanks to over twenty years of experience in the field of electrical installations, industrial and factory automation, acquired working as a skilled worker, in a number of important companies in the sector, in Veneto.
The experience gained in the guise of trasfertista, in the management of construction sites, and the supervision of installations of equipment, especially in Russia and CIS countries (former Soviet Union), they pushed to open his own company in Moscow.
The company deals with civil and industrial electrical installations and industrial automation.
Especially in the field of industrial automation, and especially in the areas listed below, for which you have acquired greater knowledge and gained a good experience at both the onboard systems, both in terms of installations in several foreign shipyards globally on behalf of many companies.
Treatment and transport of tobacco production of waterproofing materials for building production of bitumen based roof tiles, construction materials, metal forming, cutting and stamping Storage Packaging photovoltaic cell production plants in Palletizing food sector

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Советская, 113 142620 Куровское (Орехово-Зуевский р-н) Russian Federation (production)
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