Suction benches for sanding, grinding and welding; versions with filtration and/or with integrated fan

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GABD series suction benches are to be used for extracting fumes and dust from welding, deburring, sanding or grinding of metals in industry or in foundries.

On practical and sturdy suction plate guarantees a widespread aspiration on the countertop and front, protecting the Airways operator.

versions available

GABD – tour with drip tray but without filters to be connected to a dust extraction system with fan

GABF – tour with the container and filters, to be connected with a vacuum system to eject the outside with fan

GABV – tour with drip tray, filters and fan, to be connected with a suction system for expulsion outside, or on request, provided with short muffler for the release of filtered air environment.
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dust extraction and filtration of metal grinding, welding, sanding or polishing
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