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AGM 1960 is a dynamic Company working in the scope of the automotive equipment for over 50 years.
The Company was established in the 60s and has continued to develop all the aspects of lifting cars and commercial vehicle as well, selling over 300,000 lifts all over the world.
AGM 1960’ s Headquarters are located in Rome, while the selling office and the manufacturing plant are located in Lonigo, a small city in the North East of Italy. All the lifts component come from trusted suppliers of AGM 1960 running their business in a very close area surrounding Lonigo and all the assembly of lifts is lead in AGM in order to guarantee a real “made in Italy” product. All the core components of the lifts are systematically tested one by one to keep our quality standard at the top level in the cathegory.
On the other hand our slim structure enables AGM 1960 to deliver quick answers to the market new needs : our sales men and designing office can cooperate with the customer to create in very short time any customization or to launch new products requested by the market.

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2.400 lifts/year


0039 0444 720641


Via Casette 3/B 36045 Almisano di Lonigo Italy (production)
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