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A.M.S was born in 1992 as a consequence of AIC Consulting decision to leave the Automotive and Shop Floor sector. Initially the company worked in collaboration with COMAU (1979-80) realizing facilities based in FIAT Meccanica Mirafiori, Termoli and Avellino. Digital was a special partner of AMS, which took advantage from this partnership for its technological growth. Thanks to the experience accrued during FIAT projects, it has been possible to create new operating systems named “REAL TIME” based on high-reliability servers “ Fault Tolerant”. Thanks to the experience gained on FIAT projects, A.M.S has become a leader on supervision and control systems focused on the automotive area (Industrial Automation). The company’s goal is maintaining a prominent position in the sector, applying our experience and skills on future international projects.

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Corso F.Turati 11/C 10128 Torino Italy (production)
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